[ale] KVM and Cisco switch for sale

Brian Pitts brian at polibyte.com
Thu Apr 2 01:31:28 EDT 2009

Kenneth Ratliff wrote:
> On Apr 1, 2009, at 9:14 PM, Brian Pitts wrote:
>> * CRT and LCD Monitors
> For CRT's, any limitations or will anything capable of svga color do?  
> I know I have 2, possibly 3, sitting in my storage unit that are  
> absolute hell to lug around whenever I move.
> I also have at least one old 2900 series catalyst, the 2 U variety  
> that run catOS with redundant power supplies. I believe it's a 24  
> port, 10/100. May have two of those as well.
> I'd be happy to transport them and give them up for a good cause

Anything VGA that can do 1024x768 with good color is useful. We're
distributing 25 computers to Community Connection of Northeast Georgia
next week; this will nearly deplete our supply of monitors.

The switch sounds great. If you think it's old, you should see the 10
megabit hub in our lab at the Economic Justice Center.

I think Jim Kinney has some odds and ends to donate as well. Perhaps
organizing an ALE caravan to Athens one weekend is in order. We have
volunteers ready to receive donations every Sunday from 1-5. We can also
put any wandering ALErs to work for a few hours during that time. Since
we're on track to resume our partnership [0] with the school district
(fingers crossed), there should be *plenty* of work to do once they drop
off several hundred laptops.  In exchange for donations or volunteer
hours, I'll gladly reveal where the good beer in town is.

[0] http://onlineathens.com/stories/080908/news_2008080900419.shtml

All the best,
Brian Pitts
Free IT Athens Staff Volunteer

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