[ale] Bellsouth's POTS fees...

Jay Finch retief at larp.com
Fri Aug 20 19:06:28 EDT 2004

Interesting aside here...

FYI - I just called Bellsouth and dropped my "Complete Choice" plan down to 
"nothing but a dial-tone" and my cost is $17.95 + FCC fees + Taxes + Junk 
fees ... After it's all said and done, my cost (for just a Land Line, NO 
FRILLS) is a little more than $30 (Like $30.51)

FYI - This is in Atlanta, GA.

Wow... I just dropped $25 off my monthly phone bill by doing this (which is 
good, since I'm budgeting), but JIMINY CRICKETS... $13 in FCC Fees and 

$6.50 = FCC CHarge for Network Access
$0.35 - FCC Local Number Portability Line Charge (per line)
$0.61 = Federal Universal Service Charge
$1.33 = Federal Excise Tax
$2.59 = GA State/Local Tax
$1.35 = Emergency 911 Charge
$0.15 = Telecommunications Relay Service Fund

Hokey Smokes Batman! I can't wait until "Dry Copper" can be used for DSL. 
(Especially since my local Cable Monopoly refuses to wire my subdivision. 
(The builder didn't have them do it when they built the houses, and they 
refuse to do it without getting paid by the HOA.))

Sorry.. Little rant there.


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