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Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Mon Apr 19 23:43:35 EDT 2004

Kevin Krumwiede wrote:
> On 15 Apr 2004 20:27:35 -0400
> "James P. Kinney III" <jkinney at localnetsolutions.com> wrote:
>>SpamAssassin is not enough. We need SpammerAssassin.
> In all seriousness... I'm not sure about killing them, but destroying
> all the property they've obtained through their "business," beating them
> with a can of processed meat in a sock, and dumping them naked and
> penniless on a country road somewhere sounds like a lot of fun!  Call me
> if you ever manage to track one down.

I say lock them in a room for a month with nothing but spam to eat....

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