[ale] [OT] Digital camera fix

aaron aaron at pd.org
Sat Apr 3 16:51:29 EST 2004

On Saturday 03 April 2004 02:48, Joe Knapka wrote:
> One of my kids (I'll prolly never know which one, they're unionized, I
> think) broke my Sony Cybershot. It's functional, but the LDC is
> cracked and it appears the magic has all drained out. Makes it
> impossible to configure the unit, preview shots, browse the catalog,
> etc.
> Is it worth trying to get this fixed, or should I just bite down hard
> and spring for another one?

One of my former places of underemployment has had good dealings with Peachtee 
Camera in Marietta for repair of their DV  cameras and video gear. The may be 
good for digital still cameras as well, since they advertise repair for both:



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